Sunday, November 16, 2008

I forgot the NOSE!

Today in Church my Missy-Moo made a craft with a face. It was lovely. While we visited out in the lobby Missy-Moo was dancing around with her paper plate person when a sudden look of horror washed across her face. She started crying as she said, "Daddy, Daddy I forgot her nose! I forgot to draw her nose! (with a sobs erupting). You have to take me back to class so I can draw a nose on her, she can't breathe!" It took all the grace of God in me to keep from bursting into laughter right there on the spot! (I didn't know paper plate people could breathe, but it would only make sense that if they could they would need a nose to do so!)

We found a pen near by and Missy-Moo carefully scrawled a nose onto the middle of her paper plate person. "Ah ah! That's better, and she gave her creation a hug and they returned to finish their dance.

God cares about the little things in all of our lives, even the missing noses on our paper plate people. God is so good to us. Let's remember His kindness to us today, eh.

Sabbatical Dad


Anonymous said...

Ah, that is so cute. Great picture.

Jen said...

Great to read about what God has been leading you into and teaching you through...wecome to bloggerland!!!!

Amy said...

Great blog Peter!!

Will be stopping by often.

Are you using psuedo-names, or do you really call your "wife" Grace??