Thursday, November 13, 2008

The plan...

Today our friendly facilitator, Louis, from our home schooling board came by to meet with us all.
Louis gave us many insightful ideas and wisdom on how to get the most out of our first full time home schooling year! We are so excited. I am absolutely thrilled we are taking this (against the cultural norm) journey of being the educators of our children. I am now Sabbatical Dad, Principle, Teacher, and guidance counselor. Character development is a big part of home schooling. It's something we are glad to have this focused time with our kids to work on together. Did you know that Harvard and Yale and other Ivy league schools actively seek out homeschool graduates to join their institutions for their advanced programs of study? They are finding that these types of students out of the homeschooling communities show greater leadership, more desire to excel and end up being their top students more often than mainstream students. That really excites me because my kids are bright, very bright. And as much as I have heard that homeschooling will damage them socially, none of them can give any such proof. In fact, of all the home schooled families that Holly and I have met, they have the most behaved, well rounded sense of humor, and advanced abilities to carry on a meaningful conversation from very
young ages. I have not met one homeschool child who did not have excellent manners or a lack of respect for their elders. I think there is something more to be said about the good that homeschooling offers children in their critical developmental years than is reported and widely believed by the masses.

As Giggles teacher I get to take her through history, geography, science, math and social studies!
I am also the principle so any misbehaviour gets corrected on the spot. I don't redirect, I correct.
Giggles is my star student and what she comes up with when exploring her studies is astounding.
I am amazed at results! Giggles is a future nobel prize winner, or national, international leader. She really flies to the top of everything she puts her hand to do! She even won the local colouring contest held by the local news paper. Like I said, Giggles is my star student!

Sabbatical Dad

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Glad to see another homeschooling dad out there!