Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Day Get Away

For Family Day we went for a drive an became tourists in our own province.  We found this store that had a pet Lynx that Giggles became fast friends with.  I wouldn't dare get that close at first, but when I discovered that it was stuffed I also gave it a pat or two on the back.  After that I quickly moved on to look at some stuffed wolves that suddenly caught my attention up on the wall! 
We went to a great store that sold vintage candy and then ate Pizza for lunch, Yummy!

I took my girls to see the 3D movie "BOLT" and Giggles had to try her glasses on Smiley!  He is such a good sport. 

Earlier in the day we stopped to visit with some friends who have a pair of owls living in their barn.  This one was huge! They don't call it the Great Horned Owl for nothing!  Simply awe striking!  

We had a lovely day to add to our living memory banks.  

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Amy said...

okay--he is adorable!!! Oh my goodness!!!